NIETZSCHE, a new musical in development, explores the tangled, passionate personal relationships that shaped the life, the philosophy, and the ongoing legacy of the enigmatic philosopher, Friedrich (Fritz) Nietzsche (1844-1900).

A spell-binding tale of one man’s search for a life worth living, NIETZSCHE features the two women who helped him find it — his younger sister, Elisabeth, and his love interest, the philosopher and author, Lou Salome.

Striving for philosophical and historical accuracy, this musical reveals Fritz as a man of his time who was keen to address and rebut prejudice that continues to trouble western culture — including anti-Semitism, xenophobic nationalism, and religious extremism.

Fritz’s story and his life’s work have never been more relevant than they are today.

NIETZSCHE is a collaboration between Kimerer LaMothe (book, lyrics, music) and Geoffrey Gee (music, orchestration), featuring two acts, twenty-four songs, a cast of at least eight leads, and a dancing chorus. See the SYNOPSIS.

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“What I do or do not do now is as important for everything that is yet to come as is the greatest event of the past: in this tremendous perspective of effectiveness all actions appear equally great and small.”

Friedrich Nietzsche, Gay Science