Young Fritz & Young Elisabeth

These two shine as our young protagonists! Meet Leif and Sawyer!

Leif LaMothe Gee has been performing with his family since he was three years old. He has appeared in the family’s cabaret shows, and originated the role of Ted in Happy If Happy When. This June, Leif completed sixth grade at Long Trail School in Dorset, VT, receiving Achievement Awards in music, theater, and math. As he enters the seventh grade, he is looking forward to playing soccer, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. He loves reading and cats.

Sawyer Powers attends Long Trail School in Dorset, Vermont where she is an incoming junior. This fall, she will enter the Higher Level International Baccalaureate course in Music. She has previously appeared in Hello Dolly!, Bah Humbug! as well as the Lion King Junior. Sawyer has developed a love of all things music over the past couple years of her life. She is super grateful to get back into acting and participate in such a great show!


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